Welcome to Bounce Back Rx

Guess what? Black girls love yoga! Unfortunately, too many people are surprised by this fact. Bounce Back Rx  is here to change that. Bounce Back Rx is a Black Woman owned enterprise focused on helping you live a happy and healthy life by placing equal emphasis on physical and mental well being. In our view, a healthy, happy life is achievable through movement, meditation, healthy eating and self love. We also believe that you should be stylish and comfortable while living a happy and healthy life on and off your mat. 

The pursuit of a healthy, happy life does not happen overnight. The life of a woman is intermittently magical, but also comes with great challenges. Our founder, Doni Rochelle, a successful entrepreneur, understands this dynamic all too well. Her goal is to help women navigate the demands and triumphs of womanhood through Yoga, Health Coaching, Stylish Exercise Apparel and Swag.

Our mission is one of inclusivity, where every-BODY is welcome. What better way to stay encouraged on this journey than by connecting with a community of women who share this philosophy? That’s where Yoga Badi Apparel comes in. Our Yoga Badi Apparel epitomizes the happy, healthy lifestyle.  Our Badi lives in a world where all things are possible. Wearing Yoga Badi signals to the world that Yoga is for every-BODY. 

Be confident and comfortable in your skin.  Embrace your inner Yoga Badi today.